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We are as committed as ever to a specific part of our purpose statement; “To inspire, empower and connect Talent Acquisition, through the exchange of knowledge”.   In the new world, recruiters will need to re-train, re-skill and re-connect, and we believe RecFest will be perfectly placed to do just that, while also putting a much-needed smile on the face of the recruiters of our industry.

So, on the governments’ advice, RecFest will now take place on the 10th/11th of September.

A huge thank you goes to our supply chain, especially Mudchute Park, for allowing us the flexibility needed to redate RecFest and offer this community the chance of guidance in an uncertain world.

Another huge thank you goes to our sponsors for their continued support at a time we needed them more than ever.

So what changes?

It goes without saying that, elements of RecFest will need to change, while other elements that people have grown to know and love will remain the same, to offer consistency in an inconsistent world.

The world has changed, and any subject covered will take a different shape to what it was before. We want to offer our industry the first chance to understand what recruiting in the new world will look like, and with 200 speakers on 5 stages over 2 days, RecFest is the ideal set-up to do so.

Getting Recruiters Back To Work
Damage to the economy is inevitable, but certain industries will bounce back before others. The Back To Work zone will offer out of work recruiters the chance to meet people hiring, have their LinkedIn profile professionally critiqued and improved and even have their new profile picture taken.

RecFest OnDemand
The entire event will be broadcasted and available OnDemand 24 hours after it happens, allowing ticket holders to go back and watch all the speakers they missed on the day.

Increased Health & Safety
It goes without saying that at RecFest, the health and safety of our delegates will be at the forefront of our thinking, so the following measures will be introduced to mitigate any risk:
– Delegates will be temperature checked at point of entrance, by trained medical professionals.
– Hand sanitizer stations will be placed throughout the venue.
– Space between seating within the tents will be increased to incorporate a level of social distancing.
– As we did last year, our lanyard technology will allow delegates to swap contact details, without swapping business cards or entering details into a tablet.

Your Tickets
If for whatever reason you are unable to make the 10th/11th of September, not only are we allowing people to use their tickets for RecFest 2021, but you will also get access to the entire event, 24 hours after it happens. This new OnDemand service will include every speaker across the two days, with the options to skip what you do not want to see and watch at your peace.

Tickets For Front Line Recruiters
Complimentary tickets for charity recruiters has been something we have been proud to offer for the last 4 years.  Now we are honoured to extend that offer to all recruiters of front line personnel and key workers during this pandemic as a small way of saying “Thank you!”.

And finally, 10% of ALL ticket sales revenue will be donated to the COVID-19 Emergency Appeal.

What remains the same?

In short, big tops and big ideas. When recently asked by a sponsor if the industry will really need a festival, we did a lot of soul-searching and inward-looking. In the end, we asked ourselves 2 questions; will our industry need to understand what the future holds? And will our industry need to laugh again? And the answer to both questions was yes.

So expect the same world-class speaker line-up RecFest has always delivered. Expect to meet technology companies and potential partners that will have solutions to the new tests that will be in front of all of us. But most importantly, expect to be around people. People that have been through what you have been through and will face the same obstacles you will face in the future, but comforted in the knowledge that we will face it together.

This situation has only confirmed what we have always known; that we are only as strong as our community.