RecFest 2020 Influencer

Do you have what it takes to become a RecFest Influencer?

1. Have you been to RecFest and enjoyed the experience?
2. Did you share your experience with someone else?
3. Would you like a free ticket plus all kinds of cool stuff?

If the answer to those 3 questions was yes then congrats, you are qualified to become a RecFest Influencer!

How does it work??

It’s easy! Applying is free and only takes a few seconds. Once your application has been approved, you will get an email to set-up your profile and you are ready to start sharing!! You’ll earn points every time you share a social post and, the more points you earn, the more goodies you can get!!

What do I need to do for a free ticket?

You simply need to share 2 Linkedin posts a month. All additional posts shared, will earn you points which can be redeemed for drink & food tokens and a exclusive recfest influencer t-shirt.


Apply to become an inlfuencer today and help us spread the recfest love!!

1. Sign Up!
2. Share on Linkedin!
3. Earn Rewards!

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