RecFest 2022

Headline Partners Announced!

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Let the hype commence – we’re pleased to announce the RecFest 2023 Headline Partners – Linkedin, SmartRecruiters & EY – all return to the fields of Knebworth Park once again.

LinkedIn’s return to RecFest promises one thing, and that’s their imagination and inspiration will be visible for all to see! From their luxury RecFest 22 office – what will be in store for us next year?

SmartRecruiters and their inspiring team descend on RecFest once more, and we await the return of the Hiring Success Stage! Hiring Success® is defined as the ability to hire top talent ‘on demand and within budget’. It’s what sets the best organisations apart from the rest, and you’ll want this to be near the top of your bucket list in 2023.

EY will be returning to the RecFest fold with their industry renowned #ExcellenceInTA stage. This stage is all about providing a platform for practitioners to share a moment from their careers. From innovative thinking to particular accomplishments, this stage spotlights the people behind the hires!

With this monumental trio joining the fold, we can promise that RecFest will become (yet again!) THE industry event of the year.

If you would like to enquire further about bringing your teams to RecFest, or would like to learn more about the event in general, follow the links below.

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