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Our aim for RecFest 2020 is to give EVERYONE an opportunity to tell their story, and to help us build the most diverse speaker line-up our industry has ever seen!

We are looking for the fresh stories told by new story tellers to upskill, energise, and inspire over 3000 TA professionals with fresh impetus to really make a difference. If you have a story you feel needs telling then we’d like to hear from you!

This year, our call for speakers’ applications will be reviewed and decided – blind of name, job title and company – by a panel of independent judges in order to create the fairest process possible. Apply to speak at RecFest today!

“It’s taken me a week to send this note because… I am STILL processing the absolutely stupendous event that was #RecFest19.

I simply cannot thank you enough for inviting me to be part of the event; it was a magical day filled with energy, excitement and community. I absorbed and learned so much whether it was from folks on the stages or in multiple random conversations. I finally connected with people I have known for years and formed new connections.

You and your team are doing marvelous things and making a difference for the people who take care of people (!) and I know this will just continue to grow. You are amazing. Thanks to your entire team!”

– Robin Schooling
Speaker @ RecFest 2019

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Apply to speak at RecFest 2020

If you have a story to tell, apply today to speak at RecFest. Deadline for speaker applications is the 29th of February