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The Technology Zone: For All RecTech Geeks

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The Technology Zone acts as a haven for all RecTech geeks by showcasing the foremost technologies within the TA space and features the following:


Challenges proposed and challenges solved

The fan favourite Disrupt stage returns to RecFest to provide an unrivalled view on the impact of Recruitment technology! Case Study-led, Disrupt features both vendor and client telling the story of how they worked together to find an optimal solution.

Disrupt isn’t the only fan favourite making an epic comeback in 2022… We are incredibly excited to share that Chad Sowash & Joel Cheesman, the dynamic duo responsible for HR’s most dangerous podcast, are returning to RecFest for the first time since 2019 to host the Disrupt Stage!

Chad and Cheese punch the recruiting industry right where it hurts and will be bringing their combined 40 years of experience and brash flavour that their podcast is known for to their RecFest hosting gig.



Breakout stars and future titans 

Brand new for 2022, the Showcase stage offers you the chance to say your piece! Unleash your inner Simon Cowell by rating the techs on our app and decide who takes home the coveted People’s Choice Award. Plus we also have a panel of experts scoring all of the start-ups with the winner being announced at EOP.

The Showcase stage is split into 2. During the AM, hear from technologies that are currently seeing rapid growth and are joining forces with organisations to lay the foundations for the future of RecTech. The PM will feature new-to-market technologies that are solving the problems of tomorrow.

We are lucky enough to see the return of 2 seasoned RecFest hosts to run The Showcase Stage – Jeremy Russon and Alan Walker of Udder. Not not only will they be emceeing they will also be refereeing the start-up competition!

Hope to see you there!

Find out more about the Technology Zone here >>

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