RecFest 2022

Speaking at RecFest!

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This page has everything you need to get you started into your speaker journey at RecFest 2023. Including guidance, deadlines and support up until, and after the big day itself.


1) Manage your Session

2) Deadlines

3) Meet the Team

4) Download your Social Assets

5) FAQ’s

Manage your Session.

Bizzabo gives you access to manage your own session, content and the information that the audience sees about you before the big day.

You should have received an email from Bizzabo, if you haven’t please reach out to us and we will send you the portal invite.

Download this handy resource here to learn how to edit your session and more with this unique piece of event technology.


Submit your tasks on Bizzabo in order to complete details required for your talk at RecFest. You can manage your portal and tasks within Bizzabo by accessing the link below. If you have no received your access email, please reach out to Graeme, (

The following tasks much be completed by the given date:

Your Speaker Biography & Details: April 13th

Your Talk Title & Description: May 4th

Contact the Team.

Have a specific RecFest enquiry? Although we’ll all be able to answer we’ve listed out our teams to get you the best help you require.

Bizzabo Assistance & Help
Natalija Tosheva (

Event Information & Content Guidance
Graeme King (

Logistics, Travel & Accommodation
Charlotte Biggs (

Retrieve your Social Assets.

Download your event social assets, simply fill in this quick form and you’ll receive an email with your assets ready to post on Social Media. Don’t forget to check your Spam folders!

Don’t forget to save April 20th in your diaries as we’ll be doing a Linkedin Takeover where we’ll ask all speakers to post their assets online!

Speaker FAQ’s

Session Title & Description

Please submit your session information via the Bizzabo portal by 4th May 2022. This will provide all the information we need to effectively market your speaker session. 

How do I upload my deck?

Please submit your session presentation via the Bizzabo portal by 23rd June 2022.  If you are planning on using slides for your speaking session, please create and submit at 16:9 and send in a PDF format – We recommend you avoid online videos. We will use our laptop to run the presentation on the day but please bring a back up laptop just in case.


We have several hotel recommendations that are all within a 20 minute taxi journey to the event location at Knebworth Park. Please see the list below to choose from and book directly.

Do I need an event ticket?

At checkout please use the code RECFESTSPEAKER23

This will ensure you are given a free RecFest 2023 ticket, you can checkout here.

Are there storage facilities?

We do not have a set Storage space for 2023. Please only bring what you require for the day. We will have security on each stage so your belongings can be left near your stage just before your session. 

Will there be WiFi?

Yes, we will have free complimentary wifi on-site!

Will my session be recorded?

All talks at RecFest 2023 are due to be recorded and edited to be released post-event. All speakers will have to submit a form to agree to be distributed post-event which will let us know if you opt into your session being recorded.

Can I bring someone to support me?

All hosts and speakers are entitled to a free of charge plus one. Please contact us to register your plus one. If you wish to bring additional guests, let us know and we can work this out on a case-by-case basis.