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Ultimate Guide to the RecFest App

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What is the RecFest App?:

The RecFest App is your ultimate guide to a seamless event experience on the day. From check-in, to post-event you’ll be able to view your bespoke agenda, view the map, view special offers, rate speakers, be alerted of special activities and connect with relevant people across the day itself.

How do I access the app? :

  1. You can download the app on your mobile device here. If this link does not work, search ‘Bizzabo’ on your phone’s native app store.
  2. Enter your email address to find your RecFest 2022 ticket
  3. Ta da! You should now be able to see RecFest on the homescreen of the Bizzabo App!

What can I do on the app?:

Gain access to RecFest!

No need to print out your ticket! Save the planet and use the QR code on the app to scan yourself through the gates!

Add RecFest to your calendar!

Make sure you never forget the big day and add RecFest to your calendar if you have not already!

Register for specific sessions!

Save your seat and make your own personalized agenda for the day by registering for the sessions that you are most interested in. You can only save your seat for one session per time slot – so you won’t find yourself double-booking yourself!

If you prefer using your own device, you can also add sessions to your personal calendar!

If you cannot attend a session, you can also use the Favourite Session feature to ensure you receive all related follow-up content.

Find special offers!

Throughout the day of RecFest there’ll be lots of opportunities to get involved with competitions or get exclusive and special deals to technologies, or other activities. To see what deals are available to you, you can check of the sponsor section in the navigation bar.

Find out more about speakers!

On the speaker tab, you can look at all of the speakers for RecFest. Click on their profile to see their social media accounts, the sessions they will be speaking at and a biography!

And much more!

Feel free to explore the app yourself before RecFest to see all the extra bonus features that will help enrich your day!

Top Tips!:

  1. If you sign up for sessions, you can also see the sessions you’ve signed up for on the agenda page on the website ( if you sign in to your ticket
  2. You can edit your personal information and profile on the app! Go to ‘My Profile’ in the menu and personalise the experience!
  3. Keep notifications on to receive exclusive deals on food, drink and at specific stands on the day!

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