VIP Team Tickets

Experience the magic of RecFestOneWorld with your team!

Over the last 6 years RecFest has organically become the #1 destination for teams in our industry to learn, share, network, and bond. Now, more than ever before, RecFestOneWorld offers teams the unique opportunity to come together as One. Wherever you team is based around the world, you can enjoy this event together.

With a wide range of topics, no matter what level of maturity your function is at, whatever role you’re in or how big your team is, there will be something for everyone!

With the innovative Viewing Gallery, teams will get the unique opportunity to watch the event together. Get a room for your team to connect, chat about the talks and spend a special time bringing your people together once again.

To get the special VIP Team Tickets, please fill in the form below and Matt Jones will be in contact with more information about these tickets.


Sarah Langton

“I think the online event has been a great success and for my team much more inclusive – as everyone could attend for parts, it didn’t require whole days out of the office (which is always hard and even more so with part-time team members) it opened up a channel for colleagues in other locations to experience the only TA focused event that was of relevance and interest to them and not a bolt on to a HR conference – so in my view while I’ll miss some of the aspects of the in-person event – this is the best way to go global, engage more people and broaden access to the event and content while being more inclusive.”

Toby Culshaw

If you want to get your teams passion for recruitment back up to the max, then I couldn’t recommend #recfest any more. Loved the event!