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RecFest USA 2024

RecFest USA (12-13 September, Bicentennial Park, Nashville) features 4 stages covering crucial topics across both days. From DEI to EVP, and AI to emerging trends, each stage covers a multitude of sessions per day.
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Inspire Stage

Day 1: Unlocking New Horizons

Day 1 of the Inspire Stage is dedicated to invigorating your spirit through a series of inspirational talks. Learn from experts who have navigated the complex terrain of the TA World as they discuss challenges, obstacles and successes. Day 1 promises to offer fresh perspectives and reignite your passion for recruitment.

Day 2: Mastering the Art of Sourcing

Day 2 of the Inspire Stage will explore the practical aspects of recruitment, specifically focussing on sourcing tactics. You’ll leave this stage fuelled with an abundance of innovative strategies and tools to attract top talent in today’s competitive job market.
Day 2 promises to empower you and leave you with the skills to thrive within your organizations.


Disrupt Stage

Day 1: The Digital Revolution in Talent Acquisition

The opening day of the Disrupt Stage is a deep dive into the power of technology in recruitment. This case-study led stage isn’t just about incremental changes; it’s about the formative power HR technology. You will leave day 1 with powerful insights into the benefits of HR Technology.

Day 2: The AI Frontier in Recruitment

Is there a bigger buzz word than AI right now? Day 2 of the Disrupt Stage catapults you into the realm of AI and its continued role in revolutionizing recruitment on a global scale. AI tools allow for so much more than automating tasks, it can enhance your decision making and efficiencies across the entire funnel. Attend The Disrupt Stage on day 2 to fully embrace the future of the industry.


Innovate Stage

Day 1: Envisioning the Future of Talent Acquisition

Day 1 of the Innovate Stage is dedicated to the future of TA’s emerging trends, advancements in technology and shifting candidate experiences. You’ll hear from industry visionaries and gain insights into how TA can become the strategic powerhouse for organizational success.

Day 2: Pioneering ideas to enhance your EVP 

Day 2 on the Innovate Stage delves into EVP’s and employer brand strategies. Learn how to create unique and compelling value propositions that resonate with the dynamic workforce of today. Speakers will be discussing the integration of company culture, DEI, employee engagement and more.


Unplugged Stage

Day 1: Navigating Trends and Strategies in Recruitment

Day 1 of the Unplugged Stage features panels throughout the course of the day where you’ll learn strategies that are shaping the recruitment landscape. Attendees will gain an understanding of the current recruitment trends including remote and hybrid work models, the rise of candidate-centric approaches, and the integration of data analytics, and more.

Day 2: Championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the Workplace

Day 2 of the Unplugged Stage delves into one of the most critical issues facing the recruitment and HR world—DEI. This day is dedicated to unpacking DEI’s complexities, building inclusive workplaces and exploring the role of recruitment. Through a series of heartfelt discussions and panels, speakers will share their experiences, challenges, and successes in implementing DEI initiatives.

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