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RecFest continues to set the standard for Talent Acquisition events and its breakthrough into the USA bears no exception. 2023, for the first time hosted over 1000 TA Professionals at Nashville’s Bicentennial Park and 2024 will continue to push the boundaries of the success RecFest can offer.

2024 will see RecFest USA return to Nashville, with plans to host over 1,000 attendees and feature up to 30 unique exhibitor stands. The two days will see at least 3 Stages per day, which will host over 80+ speakers throughout the event.

RecFest remains to be the most creative, engaging and is second-to-none when it comes to creativity, engagement, joyfullness and originality.

The sky is the limit, and we anticipate at high-demand following the success of 2023’s event. If you are interest interested in hearing about partnership opportunities at RecFest 2024, please fill out the form below.

Why be a part of RecFest?

Showcase Your Success

At RecFest, you get the unique opportunity to expand the reach of your brand and share your message! It is the perfect chance to make key contacts and create new relationships outside of a high-pressure formal sales environment.

Boost your Message

At RecFest, you get the unique opportunity to expand the reach of your brand and share your message! It is the perfect chance to make key contacts and create new relationships outside of a high-pressure formal sales environment.

Connect with your Contacts

Nowadays, it can be hard to find the opportunity to see your clients in person for a more personal and friendly catch up. Maybe of our partners use RecFest as an opportunity to consolidate business relationships with their existing customers. At RecFest you can boost customer satisfaction by learning about your customers’ needs, face to face!

Show off your Uniqueness

What makes RecFest unlike any other event is our renowed creative exhibition stands. Debuted in 2019, these experiences allow for more brand exposure and more leads than any other event in TA. We allow for unparalleled creativity in designing your stand, letting you stand out and illustrate your unique brand personality.

We have seen it all at RecFest! Robots, ice cream stands, puppy pens, cocktail bars, fairground games… the possibilities are endless! RecFest is the perfect place to showcase your unique brand charm, charisma and personality!

Why Sponsors Love RecFest

We asked our sponsors why they loved being a part of RecFest and here is what they said…


“Ok, my turn to contribute to this forum’s #RecFest non-hostile takeover. I’ll be the first to admit that I had to think twice about going. I mean, TA goes Burning man/Coachella? Hard to know what to expect from the photos and the pre-buzz.
I’ve been to my fair share of events within the TA industry, and soon, you start to recognise the patterns. So to be totally mind blown about what a TA event could actually be, that is a rare thing I’ll tell you.
What. An. Amazing. Event.

– Chief Strategy Officer @ RefApp

“Wow, wow, and wow again – that’s truly my summary of #recfest22!
For those of you who couldn’t make it this year, imagine: 4000 attendees, all driven and passionate about TA and HR | 60+ partner companies, all with fun and engaging booths | Incredible speakers and rewarding discussions on the most pressing recruitment areas of today | The Alva Labs team on site and I had so many interesting and rewarding conversations with the fabulous attendees, and on top of that, we also got to strengthen current partnerships, as well as spitball ideas for new ones.
I can’t believe I have to wait a whole year for #recfest23!”

– Events & Community Manager @ AlvaLabs

This was BY FAR the best event I’ve ever been to!
Yesterday over 4000 TA professionals met at #recfest22 north of London and I’m blown away by the level of conversations, knowledge-sharing, and insights we got to experience.
I’m almost in shock by the huge interest in Social Recruiting and all the new relationships, partners, and connections we made on site! Thank you to everyone whom I had the pleasure to meet – the TA community is a global force and I’m so thankful to be a part of this amazing family.”

– Head of Brand & Community @ Adway

“RecFest is a great event for the industry both in terms of organisation and content of the talks throughout the day. Not only is it a great chance to network with peers across all industries, it also allows us to help learn about similar challenges businesses may be facing.
We were really impressed by the appetite for product demonstrations, we had multiple groups of 4-5 people throughout the day and after our talk at 3.30pm, which was at the full capacity of 250 people!”

– Marketing Director @ iCims

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