RecFest 2022

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RecFest 2023

Get the Tips and Tricks of the Trade 

Summoning all Talent Acquisition practitioners! We’ve got the biggest names in the resourcing game representing the likes of Amazon, GitLab and Baringa to bring their Talent voodoo to a stage near you! So time to get your swot on at this year’s RecFest, where you’ll be schooled on all the latest hiring strategies and recruitment approaches from some of TA’s leading wizzes!

Gold star content from the Industry’s Brightest

We know you love RecFest’s cool vibes, big-hitting DJ’s and funky festival activities. But for team learning and personal development, nothing beats RecFest’s charming cast of thought leaders and sector specialists. This year you’ll get to…

  • Learn how to make an impact on your EB from Nick Thompson
  • Engage hiring managers with Bertie Jenner’s advice
  • Discover Technical Recruitment with Mark Deubel
  • Grow with Chelsea Budaca-Bain’s lessons on scaled hiring
  • Enjoy Sarah Manning’s inspiring tale.
Our enchanting orators will be bewitching you across 10 stages, all with unique content and no repeats! But don’t worry, we know you can’t be in two places at once, so we’re providing all RecFest attendees with hours of filmed content post-festival – so the magic can live on even after the last bell rings!

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