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September 2020


One Industry.One World.Online.

An unmissable global experience

It is in RecFest’s nature to continue evolving year upon year and, in true RecFest fashion, 2020 was certainly no exception. Since RecFest’s inception 6 years ago, it’s only been the UK’s TA community (and international recruiters willing to travel overseas) that have experienced and enjoyed RecFest. But this year that changed! The largest independent Talent Acquisition event on the planet was accessible to every TA professional on Earth to enjoy, as RecFest welcomed TA communities from around the globe to unite in one virtual location: RecFestOneWorld.

The agenda

Each stage focused on one main topic. Click on a topic to see the line-up for that stage.


Main Stage


Lars Schmidt

Covid and beyond: What changes and what stays?

David D’Souza & Mervyn Dinnen

The jobs market after COVID-19

Jed Kolko @ Indeed

Forever Employable: How to stop looking for
work and let your next job find you

Jeff Gothelf

How has lockdown changed what we want from a new job?

Simon Wingate @

Talent Voices: Improving Diversity and inclusion in our workplace

Ben Murphy Ryan, Chuck Stephens, Janine Chamberlin, Jeanine Francis, Justin Foster

The Future of Work is Already Here

Chris Long

If Not You, Who? Cracking the Code of Employee Disengagement

Jill Christensen

Solving the worlds biggest crisis: A Sainsburys story

Chris Wray @ Sainsbury’s


Leadership Stage


Barbara Lee

 Talent Acquisition Competencies for the Future

Ehab Abdel Hafez

Shifting Focus Internally and  Solving Problems not Processes

Yasar Ahmad

The Workforce of The Future

Aditya Singh

Hiring for Potential in the Fourth
Industrial Revolution

Tom Lakin @ Resource solutions

Demystifying the Future of Work for Talent Acquisition

Tom Lucas @ Aon, Amy Rutterford @ Vodafone & Pete Bentley @ Aon

No BS. Future of Tech from CEO’s’

Chad Sowash, Joel Cheesman, Aman Brar, Angela Hood

The Missing Link – what could be
damaging your candidate experience?

Simon Phillips @ Symphony Talent


Candidate Experience Stage


Kevin Grossman

Talking about Candidate Experience with a fruity flavour!

Melissa Carrington

How to hire future-proof candidates

Becca Guinchard @ AssessFirst

Candidate Experience – Diving Deeper

Jessica Marotta

Fostering a true recruiting culture through referral hiring

Frieder De Borger @ Deloitte, 
Matthias Wolf @ firstbird

How automation makes Hiring more Human

Steve Lewis @ Robo Recruiter, Inc.

Recruitment in the times of the robots

Karolina Kettler

Static General Recruitment Marketing Content is Dead…  Focus on what candidates are asking your employees

David Rivel @ Pathmotion2


Diversity, Equality & Inclusion Stage


Torin Ellis

The serendipitous friendship between recruitment and ERGs.

Oana Iordachescu, Manuel Da Silva & Sarah Akid

Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging

Janine Chamberlin @ Linkedin

Three Strategies to Communicate Support For  Anti Racism And Discrimination Practices To Your Employees

Dean Delpeache @ Fiix Software

How to ensure diversity and inclusion is evident in your hiring processes

Jeanette Leeds Maister @ Oleeo

How to create recruitment strategies with diversity and inclusion in mind

Lyn Vallet, Jatinder Bansal, Ola Otaiku, Paisley Keys & Haris Qureshi @ Hired

The Basics of Embedding D&I Into Your Experienced Hire Recruitment Process

Catalina Hernandez @ EY

Rethinking diversity, inclusion &
belonging in the workplace 

Danny Stacy @ Indeed

NAME; A story by June Agrawal

June Agrawal @ Robots and Pencils


Emerging Talent Stage


Bill Boorman

Acquisition Mentoring – The Secret to Achieving Diversity and Inclusion as a TA and Resourcing Professional

Fran Boorman @ Goal 17 Ltd

How to find the most relevant talent for your hard to fill roles

Johnson Adeyanju @ Bright Network

Decision Making in ‘Elite’ Sport

Ben Bartlett @ Fulham FC


The new normal: winning emerging talent in a virtual-first world

Dimitar Stanimiroff @ Handshake

What gen-z really think

Michele Trusolino @ Debut

Why you should include the recruitment of  ex- British Armed Forces in your recruitment strategy.

Emma Davies @ Joint Force Alba

Grads & Coronavirus: Adapting to  an online assessment process

Rob Ryan @ Serco


Data & Automation Stage


Hung Lee

Talent Analytics – not reporting but delivering strategic intelligence

Adrian Thomas, Charlotte Christiaanse @ Philips & Robert Peasnell

 Using data, automation – and people –  with the National Health Service

Chris Hyams &
Deepa Somasundari @ Indeed

The crucial and ever evolving role that data plays in recruitment practices
Olivier Martin @

Why There’s Nothing Artificial About AI in Talent Acquisition

Zach Linder @ Jobvite

Tracking and predicting the job market recovery – insights from the ONS

David Freeman @ Office for National Statistics, Iain Moss,
Andrew Hunter & James Neave @ Adzuna

Leverage Intelligence to Discover Remote Skills: Latest Trends and Best Practices in Hiring and Sourcing Skills using Open Source Intelligence

Alethe Denis @ ManPower Group Solutions

Data is dull, knowledge is power

Neil Armstrong @ Tribepad

Feeding the Nation Part 2

Chris Wray @ Sainsbury’s


Employer Brand, EVP & Marketing Stage

Ben Gledhill

Does creativity thrive
within limitations?

Jona Gjini, Jennifer Carter, Marianna Lappou & Terryn Palani @ Vodafone

The importance of being happy at work

Lauren Kort @ Indeed

Own Your Loss

Adam Posner & Brian Cristiano

Give & Get Employer Branding – The new way to recruit & retain talent

Bryan Adams @ PH Creative

Content marketing for recruiters

Kate Terry @ Turtl &  James McFadzean @ Nestle

Talking about Candidate Experience  with a fruity flavour!

Melissa Carrington @ Anglo American

Pay by results media strategy

Dave Walstow @ Creed Comms


Pipelining & Engagement Stage


Becky Pulley

Pipeline Building by Developing a Digital Brand

Joe Mullings @ The Mullings Group Companies

The secrets to successful onboarding in 2020

Noel Thomas & Sonia Mooney
@ Eli Onboarding

The war for Talent is over, Talent won…now what?

Guillaume Alexandre @ Gates Solutions

The State of Mental Health

Rohan Kallicharan & Aimee Mail @ Hired

Legacy referral schemes don’t support D&I. Here’s how to make sure they do

Paul Maxin @ NHS England and Improvement
Sam Davies @ Real Links 

The Career Evolution of a recruiter

Jo McCatty @ Protoscience 

Fostering a true recruiting culture through referral hiring

Frieder De Borger @ Deloitte &
Matthias Wolf @ Firstbird

Building Talent Pipelines: More important than ever

Dave Vinton @ Ørsted


Assessment & Selection Stage


Kirstie Kelly

Are you really hiring the best leaders for your organisation?

Alastair Campbell @ Arla Foods 

Assessing for Mindset: How did  Siemens Future-Proof their Workforce?

Simon Roberts @ Siemens, Skye Trubov & Tom Lucas @ AON

The Workforce of The Future

Aditya Singh @ Informatica

How do you hire thousands of people in record time during a
pandemic and come out on top?  Fireside chat with myInterview and Ocado

Mark Jenkins @ Ocado &  Ellie Angell @ MyInterview

CV-based selection needs to be banned.
What are the alternatives?

Marianna Krol &  Przemek Siodmiak @ 313c

Stop lapping up other people’s marketing: diversity powered assessment

Akbar Karenga @ Founders Factory

The UK Tech Marketplace: How COVID changed the way we hire

Mark Chaffey @ Hackajob

Feeding the Nation Part 3

Chris Wray @ Sainsbury’s

Emma Dawson

Andrew Wiseman

“I was a little sceptical about how an online conference would work but I have to say, RecFest has been the best conference I’ve been part of in a long time. Props to the team behind it!”


‘First of all, RecFest is a hit! I am so impressed with the abilities of this platform and the massive event you put together. My whole team loved it. I was up early with anxiety that everything was going to break but nothing did! It went so smoothly and this was the first time I’ve seen virtual roundtables really work.’

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