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RecFest 2024 Sponsorship

RecFest continues to set the standard for Talent Acquisition events. Hosting over 5,000 Talent Acquisition and HR professionals, it remains the most original, creative and engaging B2B event of its kind and is second to none when it comes to delivering the decision-makers, future leaders and thought leaders in TA. At RecFest, we offer you a blank canvas to deliver unrivalled brand awareness, engaging interactions, fun and connections – the sky really is the limit!

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Why Sponsors Love RecFest

We asked our sponsors why they loved being a part of RecFest and here is what they said…


RecFest is exciting, it creates a buzz like no other that amps up your entire team, be it sales, marketing or leadership. We guarantee you’ll walk away buzzing with leads, partnerships and new ideas…!


RecFest is attended by over 5,000 decision-makers, from a range of organisations all over the UK & EU. In a recent survey over 78% of our attendees said they come to RecFest to actively source new solutions. Partners often find a 10-15 conversion to meetings within the first 2 weeks, post-event.


RecFest is the biggest event in the world for TA professionals. Whether you’re trying to change your ‘brand perception’ or looking to fill the sales pipeline, there is no better way than at RecFest, our biggest ever lead capture was over 1,000 in a single day.


RecFest hosts over 75 exhibitors from a range of tech and service companies, this is the perfect melting pot for existing partnerships to flourish and new partnerships to bloom during per-event, day of and post-event campaigns.

Creative Freedom

At RecFest we’re very open to innovation and creativity for the big day. We often encourage our partners to push the boundary of a traditional b2b event and really show the TA industry, the personality behind the brand.


“Ok, my turn to contribute to this forum’s #RecFest non-hostile takeover. I’ll be the first to admit that I had to think twice about going. I mean, TA goes Burning man/Coachella? Hard to know what to expect from the photos and the pre-buzz.
I’ve been to my fair share of events within the TA industry, and soon, you start to recognise the patterns. So to be totally mind blown about what a TA event could actually be, that is a rare thing I’ll tell you.
What. An. Amazing. Event.

– Chief Strategy Officer @ RefApp

“Wow, wow, and wow again – that’s truly my summary of #recfest22!
For those of you who couldn’t make it this year, imagine: 4000 attendees, all driven and passionate about TA and HR | 60+ partner companies, all with fun and engaging booths | Incredible speakers and rewarding discussions on the most pressing recruitment areas of today | The Alva Labs team on site and I had so many interesting and rewarding conversations with the fabulous attendees, and on top of that, we also got to strengthen current partnerships, as well as spitball ideas for new ones.
I can’t believe I have to wait a whole year for #recfest23!”

– Events & Community Manager @ AlvaLabs

“This was BY FAR the best event I’ve ever been to! I’m blown away by the level of conversations, knowledge-sharing, and insights we got to experience with 4,000+ TA professionals”

– Head of Brand & Community @ Adway via Linkedin

“RecFest is a great event for the industry both in terms of organisation and content of the talks throughout the day. Not only is it a great chance to network with peers across all industries, it also allows us to help learn about similar challenges businesses may be facing.
We were really impressed by the appetite for product demonstrations, we had multiple groups of 4-5 people throughout the day and after our talk at 3.30pm, which was at the full capacity of 250 people!”

– Marketing Director @ iCims

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