RecFest 2022

The Big Tops are back!

RecFest 2024 Stages

Bigger and better than ever, as we bring a massive 11 stages to RecFest 24, in order to tackle all the themes and topics that you’ve been clamouring for!

Inspire Stage

Aimed at motivating and providing inspirational content in the field of talent acquisition.

AI Stage

Explore the transformative power of AI in recruitment!

Talent Intelligence Stage

Uncover data-driven strategies for TA and HR.

Unplugged Stage

Features unscripted panels for candid discussions on talent topics.

EVP Stage

Explores strategies for developing effective Employee Value Propositions, recruitment marketing and employer brand.

DEI Stage

Focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives in the workplace.

Disrupt Stage

Highlights innovative technologies transforming talent acquisition.

Resourcing Leaders Stage

A platform for leaders in talent to share insights and strategies.

Tech Hiring

Shaping the Future of Tech Recruitment, where innovation meets opportunity. 

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Showcase Stage

Presents case studies and success stories in TA.

Start-Up Stage

Hosts start-up competitions and discusses challenges and strategies for start-ups in talent acquisition.

Gain insights, get actionable takeaways, and find your people at RecFest UK 2024.