RecFest 2022

Introducing Ashten Fizer

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With the future on our heels, we must be present for it. Employer Brand content creation and the audiences that we create for are digesting content in new ways and crave to feel seen.

But do not fret, as we are lucky enough to have an Employer Brand thought leader making her RecFest debut over on the Employer Brand & EVP Stage to guide us through this new frontier!

Ashten Fizer (Integrated Marketing Manager – Global Diversity @ Meta) utilises her passion and savvy for Social Media to create go-to-market Employer Brand content for the MetaCareers social channels.

During her talk ‘Visualizing Experiential Design in Employer Brand’, Ashten will dive into the newest content styles that wider audiences are seeking and will show us how to use creative applications and social media algorithms to show up and show out in our new virtual world.

So if you’re wanting to grasp and master all of the essential Employer Brand tricks and trends that are sprouting thick and fast, this talk is a ‘must attend!’

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