Are you the kind of person who likes to plan well ahead of an occasion? Or are you more of a last-minute prepper? Either way, this guide should help you plan for the big day and make sure you are fully prepared for anything the day throws your way!

1. Tickets

It might seem obvious, but it’s the most important thing to bring to RecFest! Whether you have it printed out and sent to your home or on your phone, make sure you bring it!

You can find your ticket attached to your confirmation email or here. Please note that for health and safety purposes, your ticket needs to also be under your name.

TIP: Don’t forget any train tickets or bus passes you might need to get there!

2. Your ID

Knebworth Park and RecFest operate Challenge 25, so to ensure you are served at our many food and beverage stands, make sure you have an ID at hand. ID will also help solve any ticket issues faster if they are to arrive.

3. Phone & Phone Charger

Goes without saying these days but don’t forget your phone and definitely bring some extra juice to top up your battery. Plus, without your phone, how else are you going to access all of the amazing extra event content on the official RecFest app?  

The one-stop-shop platform for all your RecFest needs, hosting your agenda, peer-to-peer connecting, maps and more! 

4. Notebook & Pen

…or your tablet, your phone with notes app, or however you like to note down your key learnings for the event. Most of the talks will be available to watch after the event, but you never know when inspiration will strike at RecFest! Even just to write down the names and numbers of your new friend in the industry! 

5. Comfy Shoes

It can be tempting to wear your new designer trainers or heeled boots to an event like this, but having comfy feet is the easiest way to ensure you can experience all the fun of RecFest. Your footwear will have to tackle crossing the grassy paths between stages, dancing to NOasis, and taking part in the fun activities on offer. 

We suggest sticking to comfortable, practical shoes that you don’t mind getting a little muddy. 

We do not recommend heels or white shoes or even open-toed shoes, no matter the weather. Trust us, we’ve all done it ourselves and regretted it!

Caption: Previous RecFest step counts!

6. Weather Protection

We’ve been incredibly blessed at RecFest’s and only had fantastic weather every year. We’ve also been unlucky to have at least one sunburnt RecFester every year! Don’t end up red-faced and protect yourself from whatever the British weather decides to throw at you!

We recommend checking the weather before and bringing the appropriate gear, such as…

  • Sun cream
  • Sunglasses
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Poncho
  • Wellie


  • We do not have cloakrooms at RecFest to store items, so don’t bring more than you’re happy to carry! Us RecFest veterans all recommend a bum bag for hands-free, lightweight storage.
  • Make sure the (soon to be announced) event app is downloaded before you arrive so you don’t miss out on last-minute deals
  • If you’re going in a group, you can each bring one key bonus item (e.g. sunscreen/deodorant…) so you can share the load
  • RecFest is like no other industry event, so just wear whatever you feel comfortable in! Don’t worry! You will not stand out if you decide to wear your full festival gear
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