About RecFestOneWorld

Connecting the TA Industry

On its mission to connect the TA global industry in a unique environment of education, and inspiration, RecFestOneWorld offers a range of activities, creating a unique experience that changes your mindset, improves you professionally and remains a positive memory way into the future.

Across 3 days, attendees will hear inspiring content by the top speakers, they’ll be able to participate in engaging hour-long workshops and will be able to connect with fellow attends in the most interactive way online!

The Talks

Across 3 days, RecFester’s will explore 84 talks from the world’s top speakers covering the most requested topics, including candidate experience, technology, emerging talent, diversity, equality and inclusion, data & insight, employer branding, EVP and recruitment marketing, talent pipeline and selection & assessment.

All talks will be hosted on the successful technology that powered TA Global Gathering, ON24. You’ll get access to all 3 stages and you can change between rooms simultaneously. From your console you’ll be able to watch all the talks, download resources and take part in industry polls. All you’ll need is the agenda, a plan on who you’d like to see and a hunger for the latets content!

The Workshops

At RecFestOneWorld you will be able to participate in engaging hour long workshops with a real in-person feeling. Meet attendees, learn from your peers and explore topics in-depth, all from the comfort of your own home or office.

There has never been a better chance to bring a global audience together to discuss their challenges and meet fellow peers from anywhere in the world.

To host these engaging workshops, we have secured the latest networking technology in the market and we know you are going to love it! Grab a premium ticket now to join the workshops (seats will be limited)!

The Networking

For the first time ever, our industry will have a unique opportunity to bond as ONE. No matter where you are in the world, at RecFestOneWorld you will be able to connect with your peers in the most interactive way online!

Between the talks, in the breaks, during lunch or after work… jump into the networking area and get to meet people you’ve never had the chance to meet before. One-to-One or in a small group, with video and audio or via chat, reconnecting with people you already know or meeting new connections… you put the limits!

Let’s connect our industry in the most interactive way online at RecFestOneWorld!

The Viewing Gallery

As always, RecFestOneWorld is on its mission to connect people and teams in a unique environment of education, inspiration and celebration. Over the past years RecFest has become a famous destination to bring TA teams together to celebrate the work they all do together. That’s why, we will be recreating team bonding online.

With the viewing gallery, you’ll be able to have a specific networking room just for your team. Watch the event along with your colleagues, discuss the sessions you are going to see and the ones you’ve already seen, enjoy a lunch together… connect your team once again!

Best part? If you have a global team, you can finally meet all the fellow colleagues you’ve never had the chance to meet!

RecFestOneWorld Tickets