The premier event for talent acquisition professionals is set to feature a series of iconic stages, each designed to address the industry’s hottest topics and most pressing challenges. Whether you’re looking to be inspired, informed, or innovated, RecFest 2024 has something for everyone.

Which stage speaks to you?

🌟 Inspire Stage: A haven for talent acquisition professionals seeking to ignite their passion and motivation with bespoke inspirational content.

🔌 Unplugged Stage: Making a triumphant return since its 2019 debut, this stage promises raw, unfiltered discussions on all aspects of talent acquisition.

🚀 NEW FOR 2024! Tech Hiring Stage: In collaboration with hackajob, this new stage is where innovation meets opportunity, focusing on cutting-edge tech recruitment.

💼 EVP Stage: Learn to craft compelling employee value propositions and build an attractive employer brand with expert guidance.

🌈 DEI Stage: Partnering with EY, this stage highlights crucial diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives within the workplace.

💥 Disrupt Stage: Delve into groundbreaking technologies that are redefining the future of talent acquisition.

👥 Resourcing Leaders Stage: A dedicated space for talent leaders to share insights and strategies, featuring contributions from the RL100.

📊 Showcase Stage: Gain valuable insights from real-world case studies and success stories that are revolutionizing talent acquisition strategies.

💡 Start-Up Stage: Explore the dynamic world of start-ups through competitions and discussions on overcoming challenges and achieving success in talent acquisition.

🤖 NEW FOR 2024! AI Stage: Uncover the transformative potential of AI in revolutionizing recruitment processes.

🧠 NEW FOR 2024! Talent Intelligence Stage: Hosted by the Talent Intelligence Collective, this stage offers an in-depth look at data-driven strategies for excellence in talent acquisition and HR.

RecFest UK is poised to energise and elevate both you and your organisation to new heights! Discover more about these exciting stages and what RecFest 2024 has in store here:

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