Apply to speak

What we are looking for

1. A RecFest-worthy presentation! We are not just looking for simple talks with face to camera, we are looking for creative and insightful presentations. We are looking for:

– Fireside chats and interviews
– Roundtable discussions
– Moving anecdotes
– And many more creative ideas!

2. Slides or resources to support your talk. Even if you choose to not have slides in your video (which we recommend), having resources for the audience to download during the event and look back on will be incredibly helpful. Plus it will make your talk more accessible!

3. An audio transcript of your talk (can be done with your phone or an app) so that we can have maximum visibility on your talk. This is especially helpful for hard of hearing audience and for those who do not speak English. This is optional, not required.

4. A short elevator pitch video for our marketing team to promote your talk. With 100+ speakers and over 3 rooms running at the same time, a short video telling the world why they should choose to see you at RecFest One World will help attract more audience to your talk.


Please note that, if you are selected as a RecFest One World speaker, you will be required to record your presentation and submit all the information from your presentation by August 27th. Please consider this deadline and only apply if you can commit to recording your talk within the deadline.

Video Length
The video can be no longer than 25 minutes. Presentations over 25 minutes or under 20 minutes will have to be rejected due to technical requirements so please consider the time when recording your talk, we wouldn’t want to leave you out!

Please make sure your presentation’s resolution is 16:9, at least 720p or 1080p and 30fps. If you need help adjusting your video to these requirements, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you!

Export Format
All videos must be MP4. When submitting, you’ll get the option to send us your video via a download link or directly upload to our system.
All slides and resources must be .ppt and .pdf format only.

If you would like to be considered as a speaker for RecFestOneWorld, please complete the following form: